ATTENTION TRADERS: When Brand New Traders Pocket Millions,
We Should All Pay Attention, Even If It Was 36 Years Ago...
Powerful Trend Following and Swing Trading Principles Across Time Frames Can Lead to a Level of Accuracy You Never Dreamed Possible!
June 2019

Dear Trader...

Imagine a trading method so accurate it led you to 70%+ accuracy across asset classes, providing you with windfall profits continually!

A method so easy to use, you could be competent in just a few days, quickly on a short-cut path to building a huge personal trading account.

YES You, picking winning trades like it was nothing!

It may sound far-fetched right now, but keep reading, you owe it to yourself, this information could have a significant impact on your financial future...

This may also require a shift in your thinking, hopefully you're ready.

If you are, trading riches could follow quickly, if not, then you might miss out on a sizable opportunity. 

In order to explain how I stumbled onto this incredible trading method, I must tell you a quick backstory.

I was ready to throw in the towel...

It was a chilly December morning in 2005, I was in my office about to enter some trades from a watch-list I'd created the evening before. 

I'd been pretty frustrated with my trading results over the last couple of months, I couldn't find a winner to save my life, no matter how hard I tried.

My losses were large and my gains were small, and I was losing my confidence.

My losing streak had my account running low on cash reserves, the next few weeks would be critical for me. 

I realize now, we were in a market cycle that had humbled me before, it was a lesson I was getting tired of. 

I was at a point where I could NOT afford any more costly mistakes.

Christmas was around the corner and I was starting to feel the pinch.  

I'd been going over all my notes from my favorite trading book of all time "The Master Swing Trader" by Alan Farley. 

A book RICH in Swing Trading Content!

In this book Farley covers swing trading in a way no one else can, it was my Bible at the time,  I read it EVERYDAY, Cover To Cover 3 times in 3 months! (Yes, it's that good!) 

If you don't have that book get it.

Of the 120 or so books I own, this one beats them all, HANDS DOWN!

It's a well worn hard-back in my library, and one I refer to often! 
At that time, I'd also been studying the famous "Turtle Trading Method" of the late 1970's.

A wildly profitable and Secretive Trading Method responsible for $100's of millions in profits. 

This method was a combination  of bits and pieces of classical trading systems pioneered by the legendary Richard Donchian and the amazing Jesse Livermore

Richard Dennis, another giant in the business, commonly referred to as "The Prince of the Pit" had come up with a peculiar challenge...
"I'll Bet ANYONE Can Make Money Trading This Method!
Richard Dennis believed ANYONE could be successful with the Turtle Method.

So in 1982 Dennis trained a group of average people with no trading experience whatsoever to follow a simple set of rules set forth in the trading system. 

He worked with the small group for just two weeks, and when he let'm lose with real cash, (his own cash) the group of 14 traders averaged a SHOCKING 80% Return Their First Year!  

Some did even better, and went on to create incredible fortunes.

Absolutely Amazing when you think about it, brand new traders with NO EXPERIENCE almost Doubling Their Account Size in just 12 short months.

Now that sound like a system we could all get behind right? 

There's just one problem...
The Turtle Method Doesn't
Work Anymore!
There's lots of speculation as to WHY the famous Turtle Method doesn't work anymore, more efficient markets, more volume, volatility and noise, who knows, it was long-term in nature and we all know that "Buy and Hold" isn't the best strategy these days.
But One Thing Is Certain...
It worked very well for DECADES, and a lot of people made INCREDIBLE FORTUNES using the Turtle Trading method.

Rumor has it that the Turtle Method made more millionaires than any other system ever created, in fact...

Richard Dennis Himself Pocketed 
Over $200 Million Dollars in Profits From His Small $1,600 Start!
That should get anyone's attention, it certainly got mine, and on that cold December morning of 2005, I began a deep dive into the Infamous Turtle Method to find out why it was so successful, and what caused its eventual demise.

I learned some cool stuff that I'm about to share with you right here, but even cooler?

I'm going to show how my desire to understand the history, the success and ultimate demise of the Turtle Trading method and my LOVE for Farley's book The Master Swing Trader, helped my create something that would change my life forever, and it could very well change yours forever too.

A very powerful trading method that...
Generate Cash Like Clock Work!
A "Short Term" CASH EXTRACTING trend following system designed for Swing Trading Daily and Intraday chart combinations, with unparalleled accuracy!

Its so accurate and so simple that ANYONE can use the method to make incredible profits, even during these CRAZY market cycles!

The method is based on the core principles of pure raw price based swing structure, and hand picked (and optimized) rules direct from the Turtle trading System, that offer you...
A Powerful Short Term Swing Trading, Trend Following Method That Pinpoints Perfect Entries!
Like I said, I'm a huge fan of Alan Farley and his Amazing book "The Master Swing Trader!" 

So I decided to build a system on the foundation of the swing trading principles taught in his book, and combine the winning components of The Turtle Trading Method.

I studied the Turtle Trading method and DOZENS of variations.  I backtested til I was blue in the face looking for what worked and what didn't. 

It took about 3 years of trial and error, but I finally perfected a short-term, trend following, swing trading method I now call...
The Rainmaker system is POWERFUL, but its also very easy to implement, and the learning curve is very small. 

Most all the work is in the chart setup and scans, once that's all done its simply a matter of clicking a few buttons and following some simple rules on dual time-frames. 
You Can Make A KILLING!
And Here's the thing...

You can start out with a small account of $500 bucks, a large account is NOT required!  We have several traders who have used this method over the last 3 years and grown small $500 accounts into HUGE TRADING ACCOUNTS!
Best part is its real simple, we use a 3 candle entry and swing structure, as well as a price bracketing method to enter any trade.  We use a set of rules around a fan of exp. Moving Averages.

We find these trades with a series of 4-6 simple scans, but users generally end up trading a handful of favorites after a while. (6-15 stocks or other instruments)

The trades you find, you tend to get to know and stick with.

Take AMZN for example, and although its a very high priced stock, I personally go way out of the money with options, and turn this vehicle into a personal "cash extracting" ATM  machine, check out the accuracy...

The example below demonstrates one of our entry methods, the trend following entry, and as you can see even this single setup on a daily chart is quite impressive...
70% Accuracy on AMZN 
for The Last 7 Months!
Below are 10 trade signals the Rain Maker System generated, 7 longs and 3 shorts.  6 of them made a killing and 3 lost very little, and 1 is still on! :-) 

This is a broad overview of the system at work, (Just 1 setup, on the daily chart) which you can verify once you know all the rules...
**All Trade Examples Use OTM Options for Maximum Return Potential!
The green arrows indicate long entry signals generated by the Rainmaker Method and the red indicate shorts. 
Average ROI 100.1%!
Respective gains from each OTM Options Trade.
$500 to $9,131!
Here's what would happen with $500 bucks if you parlayed profits into each subsequent trade.
$500 to $9K sounds crazy I Know but listen, when you parlay your profits with this level of accuracy, this is what happens!

This is the power of Trend Following done right.  And that's just the beginning, there's 1000's of stocks this works on (plus just about any instrument you can think of) and there's many ways to trade this method!

Its also perfect for Forex and Futures and ANYTHING with significant volume, so you're not limited to just stocks. 

AND, this is exactly how Jesse Livermore and Richard Donchian made their fortunes over and over again, they parlayed their profits from one trade to the next, just like you see above.

Do the math, if you had used the RAINMAKER METHOD and started with $500 bucks and rolled your profits into each subsequent trade, you would have made a whopping....
1,720% Return!
And that's just 1 Stock, you can do this with 10 stocks simultaneously!

That's the beauty this kind of accuracy affords you, when you know how to find the setups, you can make 10 / $100 trades just like AMZN.

Think of the possibilities.

Its super easy to follow, and with just 6 scans you'll find all the stocks you can handle no matter what the market is doing.

Even if you didn't roll 100% of your winning trades into the next, there is an underlying principle you need to understand here, this kind of accuracy and reliability gives you a real shot at...
Sustainable Large ROI
Parlay a few trades into one another and pretty soon, even though you only started with $500 bucks (or $100) you suddenly find yourself making $3,000 options trades - YA, you're in the big time now!  

But the cool thing is, and NEVER FORGET IT...
It's House Money!
Now Im sure you have tons of questions and I will answer every one of them below, but for now, just keep reading there's more... 

YES, you will be making HUGE trades quickly, that's the plan, start small and let your profits carry you to the HUGE WINS!

Whether you start off with $100 or $500 in NO TIME FLAT you will be making SINGLE Options Trades (or other kinds of trades) for up to $1K to $3K EACH!

I know it sounds kinda crazy, but when you have this kind of accuracy and you roll profits into subsequent trades, you'll see massive gains over just a few months. 

AND SURE, It can seem stressful when you have a $3,000 trade on the line and price is going against you and your down 30%, but that's OK, again... its HOUSE MONEY! :-) 

Whats NOT stressful, and even more likely with this kind of accuracy, is a $3,000 options trade that goes in your favor! Now that's fun!

Trust the system rules that have been so carefully engineered.

Lets look at another one, and then I'll show you how we find the right stocks to trade, then I'll begin to answer the questions I know are swimming in your head!

AND, before we look at the next example I want to let you know that you're accuracy in capturing and keeping profits is ensured by following a similar set of rules on a smaller time frame.    

We use two time frames for improved accuracy.

For example, I trade the daily chart, and I use the hourly chart to refine my stops, exits, and even entries with more precision. 

Next example...
CRM 80% Accuracy
Over 6 Months!
(Long and Short + Crash!)
Once again, Stellar Accuracy!  10 trades Signals Generated and 8 winners and 1 still live!  As you can see The RAINMAKER performs in bull runs, crashing markets and recovering markets, reversals etc! 

If you had followed the EASY rules you would have turned $500 into over $16,000 in 6 months on a single stock!

To show you more proof that this is real and works just like I say, lets walk through these signals so you can get a feel for how its done.

I'm not going to give it all away in this video, and I won't even begin to discuss some of the techniques, but I feel like I owe you some explanation as to how this is even possible.

Remember, the RAINMAKER system is based on raw price action and swing structure and price bracketing, with rules adopted from the most profitable system ever traded - that's why it so powerful, and easy, for even a new trader to have success with, take a look at this video...
If You Have ANY DOUBTS Check Out What These Traders Had To Say...
The results our users get are amazing, we get emails all the time that span asset classes and levels of trading experience.  

Traders from all over the world, some with NO EXPERIENCE, who are able to follow along and make a killing right out of the gate.

But even more impressive is that they continue to use the RAINMAKER method for years, with the same kind of results.  

It can be life changing.

From Forex and Futures Traders to Binary Options and Stocks.

Here's a few we've saved...
Here's 62 More Trades
With about 70%+ accuracy across the board!
How Do We Find The Trades?
Finding them is the easy part, we do NOTHING complicated.  I'll show you a series of 6 scans that use nothing more than EMA crosses to find setups like this ALL DAY LONG ...
We're simply looking for new swings, and EMA cross scans with price are all that's necessary to find all the prime setups that are worth looking at.

We like to look at price action and verify visible impulse and corrective price patterns, and then we just follow the simple entry rules! 

VST above is a perfect long trade trigger at the market close, It has everything required for entry, and is a ready for NOW!
Additional Highlights
  • The Rainmaker Method is a Short-Term Trend Following System: The Rainmaker is a very powerful trend following method designed for swing traders on a daily or intra-day chart combinations. We use a series of Exponential Moving Average "Fans" to identify, search and pinpoint incredibly accurate trade setups ready for immediate entry, with the option of staying in trades and trend following new impulse waves after subsequent swings. (Optional but highly recommended!) 
  • Its Simple, Easy NO Guesswork: There is Absolutely No Guesswork!  You get a simple set of rules, and super easy 1-click scans you'll you'll use to pinpoint extreme conditions ready to "Snap" in your intended trade direction, dozens of trades every week. Some will perform better than others, these are the ones you focus on. Its not uncommon to start with a dozen trades and narrow your efforts and cash to the 6 or 7 that are most compliant. (This can be due to preferable fills w/ options or stocks, or bigger impulse moves that pay a little more!)
  • The Rainmaker Method is Incredibly Accurate: The accuracy won't disappoint you. It can sometimes be frustrating when you first start if you experience a couple misses right off the bat.  That's why I used 6-8 month examples in the trade signal examples above to show you how the signals work all the time. If you follow the rules to the letter you can expect near 70% accuracy across the board.
  •  Its Extremely  Intuitive: You'll get the mechanics of trading down to a science using this method.  After a dozen trades you will be "on your own" as it we're with an ability to find high odds trades setups and see them to their full potential.  
  • The Rainmaker Method is Insanely Profitable: There are a lot of things you can do when you have the ability to pick winning stocks. I like to use the "Low Priced Out of The Money Options" method.  Buying or selling cheap OTM options allows you a lot of room for error because you make so much on your winners, you just need to control your win rate and thats what this method does, improves your accuracy.   I'll show my simple options formula that I use with this method, that has allowed me to make a living from my home office for YEARS!
What You Get
**The training is in 3 basic modules, I'll cover setups, scans, trade signals, take profits, exits, stops, what kind of price action to avoid and what to look for, how to build and run the scans, swing structure principles and more.

All broken up into 3 Nice Sized Modules and 8 Videos!
  • MODULE ONE: In module 1 we will cover setting up your charts, building your scans, the scanning and selection process and system rules. I'll show you my "1,000 Foot View" technique for picking the perfect candidates to trade! (5 Videos)
  • MODULE TWO: In module 2 we will cover details on your entry and take profit,  options you have for taking profit and how to use them interchangeably.  With tons of examples. Also in this module we will talk about your stop loss.  (4 Videos) 
  • MODULE THREE: Module 3 is all about options, parlaying winnings into new trades, things that can go wrong and how to handle them, PLUS user feedback content. In this module I'll also cover how to be aware of overall trading patterns that can hurt or help your cause!  (3 Videos)
  • MODULE 4: In Module 4 we post live trades every week from various markets!! 
How Much is The Training?
You can't put a price on what you'll learn in these modules, you'll be a pro at finding, entering and exiting ANY instrument or TIMEFRAME you choose. 

You will finally be in control of your trading to a point that you can generate consistant profits when ever you decide. 

Whats that worth to you?  

A simple speedy process for finding the right candidates and knowing EXACTLY when to enter.  

When you're done with these 3 easy modules it will be childs play!

When we officially release the RAINMAKER SYSTEM it will cost you $795.00 

However this is not the official release.  This is what we call a soft launch. 

Our goal is to get 100-200 traders to begin using the revised method and giving us the feedback we need to address issues and concerns across asset classes and experience level. 

We'll even work with you! Send me all your feedback and questions and I'll clear up anything thats got you stumped. 

We want to know about all the good and bad you find using the method, we want to use your feedback to improve the method and make it better for the official launch in 2019 when we release it at a price point of $795.00

The first 100-150 willing to take a shot at this get a real fair price and a lot of extra support!
Grab Your Spot For Just...
For a Limited Time ONLY!
Your Investment is 100% Guaranteed!

You're Completely Protected!

You can try this system with 100% confidence! We give you a full 30 days to try this method and make sure you love it. We're pretty confident if you just follow the rules you'll do quite well. But in the event that you don't, we will honor your request for a 100% refund without question! 
Will it work for New Traders?
This method is a "blue print" of simple rules and easy scans.  A brand new trader may make some mistakes initially but the learning curve with this is small. This method is perfect for a brand new trader just starting out. I walk you through setting things up to practically automate everything. You just build watch-lists, set alerts, and follow your rules! We've made it so anyone can do it.
Is This System Only For Stocks?
Absolutely not.  This method spans asset classes and will work on just about anything.  We have traders using it on everything from soybean meal futures to Forex and binary options, as well as highly liquid crypto currencies.  There is no limit to what you can trade. If there is swing structure, this works.  There are things to avoid when it comes to price patterns that we cover in the modules. 
What Size Account Do I Need To Trade With?
That's the beauty. You don't need much. You can start with $500 and within a year build a nice account. More money is ideal, but we all have to start from somewhere, and with this method you can certainly start small.  You saw what $500 can do on a single stock over 6-8 months. Ideally if you subscribe to my way of thinking your goal is to be trading 5-10 stocks at a time with a $500 start each. But there are plenty of options with regard to what you choose to apply this accuracy to. 
What Trading Platform Do I Need?
Good question! Im going to be teaching it in TC2000, but it doesn't matter what platform really.  You will just need to be able to perform simple crossover scans to find trades. So feel free to use your platform.  I do recommend TC2000 if you need a good stock searching platform.  You can do simple scans that are very effective without much thought.  I'll show you how to keep it real simple.  The bottom line is the scans we use are simply to find new swings, we aren't concerned about much else in the way of indicators. We will observe them, but the the money is in swing reliability and impulse waves, and thats what were after. 
Is there a Guarantee?
Of course! Use the RAINMAKER for 30 days, and if you don't love your results just let us know and we will refund 100% of the money you paid without question. 
Grab Your Spot NOW!
You must hurry!  We are only letting in 100-150 at this price point, at which time we will close the offer until Jan. 2019 when we do the official release at $795.  Use the form below to secure your spot! 

See you on the inside! 

Mark Deaton

PS - Once you sign up you will get immediate access to the members area, you will greeted with a THANK YOU page where you will register your for access and receive an immediate login credentials!

If you have any issues shoot me an email I'll get you help immediately!

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